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Dear Clients,

in the following we would like to show you which sectors use our services and in which companies we have been successful as the „department of energy management“.

For every sector we have a named company as an example. Please appreciate that we are only able to give you the contact details of any of our partners on special request.

For further information, please call us on: +49 (0511) 270 420 30

Swimming baths / Spas
Stadtwerke_Munster Trenner_klein Allwetterbad Munster
Dr. Hermann-Marcks-Str. 14
29633 Munster
Printers / Industry
pmg-logo-188 Trenner_klein Print Media Group GmbH & Co. KG
St.-Reginen-Platz 5
59069 Hamm

Food / Retail



Görge Discount GmbH
Am Mascheroder Holz 2
38126 Braunschweig

seminaris-logo-188 Trenner_klein Seminaris Hotel- und Kongressstätten
Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Soltauer Straße 3
21335 Lüneburg
Real Estate / University Administration / Public Sector
Studentenwerk_OstNiedersachsen Trenner_klein Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen
Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts
Katharinenstr. 1
38106 Braunschweig
Credit institution / Savings bank
ksk-logo-188 Trenner_klein Kreissparkasse Soltau
Rührberg 9-11
29614 Soltau
Projects concerning special and well defined issues of operational energy-management
Molda Trenner_klein MOLDA AG
Gartenstraße 13
21368 Dahlenburg
Alexa Trenner_klein AlexA Seniorendienste GmbH
Uhlandstraße 181-183
10623 Berlin


Writing materials / Industry
Edding Trenner_klein edding AG
Bookkoppel 7
22926 Ahrensburg
Butchery / Food
vogler-logo-188 Trenner_klein Vogler Fleisch GmbH & Co. KG
OT Steine Nr. 15
29487 Luckau
Butchery / Food
rothe-logo-188 Trenner_klein Erich Rothe GmbH
Lüner Rennbahn 6
21339 Lüneburg
Health insurance / Healthcare
aok-logo-188 Trenner_klein AOK - Die Gesunheitskasse
für Niedersachsen

Hildesheimer Straße 273
30519 Hannover
Engineering / Industry
skf Trenner_klein

Standort Lüchow
Seerauer Straße 27
29439 Lüchow