Operational energy-management?

When in doubt ask FLOCODON -  we’ll fix it for you…

The acronym FLOCODON stands for “flow-costs down”. And that is exactly what we do: We strive to reduce your energy costs and operating expenses (flow-costs). We have been working throughout Germany since 2008 as an out-sourced department of operational energy-management for trade, business and industry

Systematic monitoring of costs

Our areas of expertise are systematic monitoring as well as the reduction of our clients energy costs and operating expenditure. We handle the buying of energy sources as well as the reduction of power consumption. We achieve this by continuous monitoring and controlling of all areas which consume power in our clients businesses. For us this is energy-efficient controlling.

As it is not possible for everybody to be experts in all fields we at FLOCODON work with our clients according to the proven concept of an out-sourced department.



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Earn moeny with your own energy suply       

Modern metrology for electricity, gas and
many other media

Electricity and heat cost a lot of money during the energy transition and costs are likely to continue increasing …

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Become your own profitable energy provider!

Reap the profits that your energy provider used to make:

Create your very own energy supply and earn money for yourself.

FLOCODON is planning and creating your new supply structure at a calculable fixed price.

Please note: The German Federal Government is introducing new laws in 2014 on the compulsory installation of new and expensive meter technology for electricity and gas.

Don’t get frustrated by rising costs when it comes to measuring your consumption!
Don’t let energy network operators leave you even more out of pocket:

Be responsible for your own metrology in future and save money:

Benefit from your own new legally compliant metrology equipment and reader

FLOCODON is planning and creating your very own new metrology equipment that guarantees cost savings in cooperation with T-Systems

With FLOCODON, you can save taxes, cut costs and manage resources intelligently with modern metrologyand heating systems that pay for themselves …

How does it work?


Sustainable out-sourcing

This means that we systematically search for and find means in which our clients can effectively reduce their energy costs. After that we develop this potential in cooperation with the staff responsible for energy management in that company. Thereby we make sure that the goals we have achieved are sustained over time.

We at FLOCODON take great care that our clients’ energy management concepts are subject to a continuous improvement process. We call this sustainable out-sourcing.

Our work is based on our expert knowledge of the legal, technical and economic aspects of modern energy management. Even so, we do not see our selves as consultants but as competent colleagues who happen to be based off-site.

Energy management for our clients

We act in our clients’ name and realise their goals – we are external experts for energy management. We reliably carry out all tasks for which the client’s permanent staff cannot find the time. And our expertise more than makes up for any gaps there may be in a client’s knowledge.

Ever-changing energy markets call for experts

Everybody knows that the demand for services in the fields of energy management and controlling has risen dramatically over the past few years. Reasons for this can be found in the rising complexity of the energy markets and resulting shortfalls in the knowledge of the staff responsible.

It is here that FLOCODON offers integrated assistance during buying, in case of technical problems, during strategic decisions and also for specific project management. The basis of our work is the trust which our clients invest in us based on our always reliable and open cooperation.