Company History


Milestones in FLOCODON’s success story:

scheduled for    March 2014: FLOCODON launches the latest generation of its smart metering and information system FLOCODON-FEES 1.3.
Mai 2013: FLOCODON becomes a metering point operator for electricity and gas.
April 2013: FLOCODON reaches a cooperation agreement with T-Systems for metering point operation.
November 2012: FLOCODON builds its first innovative heating plant with a combined heat and power system and a peak load boiler cascade.
Februar 2012: FLOCODON launched the enhanced second generation of its smart metering and information system FLOCODON-FEES 1.2.
Oktober 2011: FLOCODON launched the first generation of its innovative radio-based smart metering and information system FLOCODON-FEES 1.1.
Juli 2011: FLOCODON enhances its technical product portfolio with the network-based monitoring system ergino.
August 2010: FLOCODON produces the pre-production run of its new smart-metering-system, FLOCODON-FEES, that operates on the basis of innovative wireless data-loggers with mesh-network-technology.
January 2010: FLOCODON opens its new headquarters in Hanover.
August 2009: FLOCODON’s internet-based customer portal goes online.
 March 2009: FLOCODON signs contracts on private equity with six venture-capital providers in the context of the ERP Innovation Programme of the kfw-Bankengruppe.
 June 2008: Founding of FLOCODON – Outsourcing Gesellschaft für Energie- und Betriebskostenmanagement m.b.H. (FLOCODON – limited company for the outsourcing of energy- and operating-cost management).
 October 2007: FLOCODON enters into a cooperation and advisory contract with TCH in Hanover.
 August 2007: FLOCODON is accepted into the mentoring programme of the Wissensfabrik e.V.
 April 2007: FLOCODON reaches the final round if the Germany-wide competition Existenzgründungswettbewerb Webeconomy der Wissensfabrik-Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V. – an initiative by well-known German companies under the patronage of then federal president Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler.
 December 2006: award of support for campus-based initiatives by the state of Lower Saxony Gründer Campus Förderung des Landes Niedersachsen.
 June 2006: FLOCODON becomes a member of the Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis umweltbewußtes Management in short B.A.U.M. e.V.
 March 2006: FLOCODON wins third prize in a competition for new companies, Gründer Wettbewerb Hannover Impuls. FLOCODON also wins a special prize for climate protection in the above competition, Klimaschutz-Sonderpreis von Hannover Impuls.
 November 2005: FLOCODON wins the Existenz-Förderpreis awarded by the city of Munster. Successful launch of the first purely commercial industrial projects in Lüchow-Dannenberg.
 October 2005: award of initial funds for university-backed company start-ups within the framework of the EXIST-SEED programme of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science.
 September 2005: the setting up of a legally recognised company as a predecessor of FLOCODON.
 Start of 2005: development of the business idea at the Institute of Business Management at the University of Lueneburg.
 2002-2005 active participation in the interdisciplinary and inter-university research network CEM: Centre for Energy Management of the University of Hanover.